Selected Reviews + Press

(Clips = work that I’ve made; reviews and press = work that other people made about my book.) 

I am grateful and proud to say that my book has gotten amazing press!

Publishers Weekly, January 18: Starred and boxed.
Gastropod,  April 13: Food through the lens of science and history, and just so spot-on.
The New Yorker, April 19: Margaret Talbot totally gets my book, which she calls “deeply researched and crisply written.”
The Times-Picayune | New Orleans Advocate, April 30: “Revelatory” and “a much-needed corrective.”
WWNO’s “The Reading Life,” April 30
Amazon, May Editor’s Pick, History, and Best History Books of 2021 So Far
The Wall Street Journal, May 2: “Captivating.”
The New York Times, May 4
Gambit, May 4: Q&A.
Connect FCS Ed podcast, May 5: Talking directly to home economics teachers.
MarketWatch, May 6: Personal finance has always been a core part of home ec.
Marketplace, May 6: In which Kai Ryssdal talks about aprons.
KERA’s Think, May 6: I spout off for a whole hour!
Minneapolis Star-Tribune, May 7: “Fascinating.”
C-SPAN Book TV, May 7
Salon, May 9: “Both surprisingly radical and conspicuously regressive.”
Foreign Affairs, May/June
Alain Guillot’s podcast, May 20
Washington Informer/various/The Bookworm Sez, June: “Great-Grandma was fierce.”
Constant Wonder (BYU Radio), June 3
Tip of the Tongue podcast (Southern Food and Beverage Museum), June 7
Civil Eats, June 8, Noteworthy Summer Reads.
Here and Now, June 9
The New York Times Book Review Editor’s Pick, June 18
The Washington Post, June 18
KPCW Mountain Money, June 21: “A fascinating look at how home economics has shaped American life and provided an outlet for many women to make scientific inroads into areas traditionally dominated by men.”
Fiber Nation podcast, June 24: HOME ECONOMICS VS. HITLER.
Wisconsin Public Radio, August 2
KCRW’s Good Food, August 6: With the legendary Evan Kleiman!
EWA Radio, August 25: Education journalist tells all.
Milk Street Radio, September 17
NPR Books We Love for 2021, November: Staff pick.
SchoolCEO Podcast, November 29
Texas Topaz List, January 2022

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